Sunday, 30 December 2012

Cards from the USA

Greetings! Here is my growing educational collection of Americana. I try to collect historical knowledge: Civil war,former Presidents, geographical wonder, map and fauna of every state.
As the initial became too long I have made a second page for states beginning with the letters N to W
As of now I have 39 out of 50


Incoming map cards: ME, MT, ND, NH,WA

19 March 2013

Alabama - The Yellowhammer State

Sent by Meg
Sent by Meg

Arizona - The Copper State

From Cecilia

from Kenny

from Amanda
Mailed by Mule stamp
From Cecilia

From Cecilia

From Cecilia
from the Waycasters Family

Alaska - The Last Frontier

from The Morrison Family

Arkansas - The Natural State

from Terry

From Sharae

from Terry

from Terry

California - The Golden State

From Kay
from Tim

from Norbert

From Tim

From Kay

Colorado - The Centennial State
From Kenny

From Kenny

Connecticut - The Constitution State

From Masia

District of Columbia

From Dianna

Florida - The Sunshine State

From Kasia

From Dayron

From Dayron

Georgia - The Peach State

From Cait

From Masia

Idaho - The Spud State

from LizAnn

from LizAnn

from LizAnn

From Kendall Family

Illinois - The Prairie State

From Kenny

From Kenny

Louisiana - The Pelican State

From Michelle

From Heather D.

From the Sylvester family

Maine - The Pine Tree State

From Alex

from Cecilia


from Kelly
from H. Denton
from Kate

Minnesota - The Land of 10,000 Lakes

From Lawrence

From Lawrence
from The Wymore Family

Missouri - The Show Me State

From Ann
from The Webb Family

Montana - The Treasure State

From Jeff L.


BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped me with this goal!

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