Gotochi in direct translation from Japanese means Shaped Cards.
They were first released by the Japanese Post Office in 2009. They are special
cards representing different aspects of all the prefectures in Japan.
Every year selected themes such as nature , cultural , cuisine, traditional arts or historical
heritage will come out in the form of a shaped card. 
Here are some of the gotochi I have collected by prefecture. 
Images are courtesy of Japan's Postacollect ^.^

Other prefectures coming soon

Aichi                                     Kyoto                                           Saitama

Akita                                      Kumamoto                                  Shiga

Chiba (missing 2015)            Mie (missing 2011, 2015)          Shizuoka

Fukui  (missing 2015)          Miyagi                                         Tokyo Toyama (missing 2015)

Fukuoka                                 Nara                                           Toyama (missing 2015)

Hiroshima                              Nagoya                                      Wakayama (missing 2015)

Hokkaido                              Niigata                                              Postal Boxes 

Hyogo                                   Oita

Ishikawa (missing 2015)       Okinawa (missing 2010,2015)

Kanagawa (missing 2015)         Osaka                 

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