Sunday, 9 August 2015

How to write on a Postallove card

Hi readers
Thought I'd do this fun post because believe it or not I have a rather
tricky time trying to figure out how to write on the back of a Postallove card 
that has a vertical back. I much prefer the horizontal format where I can easily
 fill the space with words. So here are some samples of what I've gotten so far
and I'm just amazed by how some have manage to use the space creatively.
Do I have a favourite? Yes, the cards from Taiwan and Australia with every inch
of space covered haha 
How about you?

For cards showing the front you can click here

The first card came from Poland followed by Spain 8 months later.

 A swap from Indonesia, July 2015 and an Australian surprise, August 2015

UK sent by a friend and an art card came from Poland
Sample of the back of unofficial Greetings From card, GF ( Greetings From) the Black Hole.

Greetings from Taiwan :) 23 Sept 2015

Greetings from Mexico and a photographic card from Poland. 30 Sept 2015

Greetings from Luxembourg that came on 16 Oct 2015, 
address is written in the Official horizontal format.

Received 2 November 2015 from Mexico :D


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