Monday, 31 August 2015

Nara 2015 Goldfish Scooping

The National Goldfish Scooping Championship  is the biggest official competition managed by the National Goldfish Scooping Association and Yamatokōriyama city in Nara Prefecture (Yamatokōriyama is famous for producing goldfish). It is held on the third Saturday and Sunday in August every year. It consisted of three sections:

Children section: competition by children who are under 15
General section: competition by people ages 15 and up
Group section: competition for the sum number of the goldfish scooped by a team of three people

There are area trials and the first and second in every section can participate in National Championship. Extraordinarily in the Nara trials, 60 people in the child section, 80 people in the ordinary section and 40 groups in the group section can participate. The rules are detailed and include the size of goldfish, poi and pool, the number of umpire. Contestants compete for the number of goldfish scooped in three minutes. If the paper of poi is completely broken, the game is over and the score is the number of goldfish scooped until then.

Goldfish scooping competition is a first for me, but then again it's Japan, I will never
cease to be amazed at the wonderful and funny things they come out with haha
Thanks to Woody for another awesome gotochi swap! 
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