Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Blue Steven's Alice in Wonderland art


Thanks to Tony for this wonderful set of Alice in Wonderland cards
and the different Universal Mail stamps from UK. In the past some cards
with the Universal Mail stamps were always covered with a postage label
from Royal Mail and I have since learnt that Universal Mail is a private
company that issues stamps with local views such as the examples above. 
However due to some confusion (especially about the validity of the stamps)
cards with such stamps take a longer time to arrive. It's great to finally
be able to see the different views of each stamp ^_^ 
Oddly enough mail has seem rather slow in general, both in my cards getting
to its destination and cards arriving to me. I hope the speed will pick up again
before the deluge of festive mail start. Good night from this corner of the world :)
Sent: 17 August 2015   Received: 21 September 2015   Travelled: 35 days

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