Thursday, 10 September 2015

Breaza, Romania

The town's name is derived from a Slavic word, breza, meaning "birch tree".The town was first documented in an act of 1503, mentioning a certain trader of Breaza called "Neagoe". In 1622 the land of Breaza was divided between four boyars and in 1717, the new ruler of Wallachia, Nicolae Mavrocordat gave the Breaza estate to boyar Iordache Creţulescu. The land was divided by the agrarian reform of 1921 and in 1935 it was declared a spa.

Thanks very much to Marius for another great surprise! Also the for the lovely series of stamps on the postcards. In the picture above with the rec check are the ones I've gotten so far.
The stamps come from the March 2014 issue of the Golden Stars of Stage and Screen.
Sent: 17 August 2015   Received: 10 September 2015   Travelled: 24 days

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