Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Ipoh Town Hall

The Old Town of Ipoh is west of the Kinta River. There is a vibrant commercial district with many historical 'shop-houses' centred around Leech Street. Other notable features include:

Ipoh railway station in neo-classical/Edwardian Baroque style nicknamed the "Taj Mahal of Ipoh".
Ipoh Town Hall, an Edwardian Baroque municipal building located across the road from the Railway Station.
Padang Ipoh or Ipoh Field is on Jalan S.P. Seenivasagam. The field is surrounded by historic buildings that feature classic colonial architecture, including the mock-Tudor style Ipoh Club, FMS Bar, HSBC Building and the St Michael's Institution secondary school.
The Anglo-Chinese School, Ipoh, officially named SMK Methodist (ACS), is located along Lahat Road.
Source: Wikipedia

Another big thank you to Jesse for this travelogue through postcards. This postcard has 
is rather special and has a rather cool story as he met the stamp and First Day Cover guru, 
Mr Khor , on the day of this new stamp issue hence the First Day Pictorial Postmark.
Sent: 15 September 2015   Received: 21 September 2015   Travelled: 6 days

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