Thursday, 1 October 2015

Katya Dudnik

Alright so I have to make a confession, some art cards that I post on my blog
are actually my sister's postcards :D. It's actually a second account of mine where
I write and send out cards (because I have so many!) and a way for my sister to 
get art cards because she enjoys drawing. She has received a lot of wonderful art 
cards. It's also great to learn names of the artists and I have seen cards by this artist, 
just never knew the name. For this particular card there are many elements of 
which I enjoy, the teddy sitting with the girl ,the owl ,the magical rainforest and a 
little boat. 

Thanks to Olga from Postcrossing for this beautiful card!
Sent: 18 Sep 2015   Received: 30 Sep 2015   Travelled: 12 days

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