Friday, 4 March 2016

Perak Man, Lenggong Valley

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The Lenggong valley in Hulu Perak is one of Peninsular Malaysia's most important areas for archaeology, as excavations have revealed many traces of Malaysia's prehistory. It is the site of the oldest known place of human activity in the Peninsula. Today it is still a rural area, with small kampongs surrounded by green vegetation and limestone hills. Lenggong can be likened to an open-air museum, and is home to legends, skeletons, cave drawings and precious finds such as jewellery, pottery, weapons and stone tools. Many of the caves in the Lenggong area have revealed evidence of ancient humans having lived and hunted in this area.
The Lenggong Valley was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site on 30 June 2012.
Source: Wikipedia
Thanks to KKKhor for this special postcard with official seal from
the Lenggong Archaeological Museum. I love going to museums
to see the natural history or archealogy. A similiar one that I went to
was the Java Man site in Sangiran, Java four years ago ^_^
Sent: 5 December 2015   Received: 10 December 2015    Travelled: 5 days

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