Saturday, 28 May 2016


Boo! back again from my short hiatus, have been watching a Chinese historical
drama and sometimes my eyes feel too strained to continue working on the laptop
after work. Now I'm back to my original intent which was to blog the postcards from
2014. Antartica came as a huge surprise from Ruben who sends this via
the United Kingdom Antartic Heritage Trust,UKAHT. Thank you very much Ruben
In fact I totally forgot about this card until I went through the box hiding my 2014 cards,
so I was even more amazed that I have an Antartica card sent from Port Lockroy. I have
a few other Antartica cards sent from NZ base, French Antartica and the USA
Fort McMurdo :D Thanks so much Ruben!
Sent: 12 November 2014   Received: 16 Dec 2014 Travelled: 34 days

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