Sunday, 12 June 2016

Maxicard: British Short Hair

The British standard calls for the cat to be of compact build, powerful and well-balanced. A full broad chest, short strong legs, rounded paws and a tail that is thick at the base and tapers slightly to a rounded tip show off a "football player" physique. The British Shorthair has a round head with good width between the ears. The eyes are round and wide-open. One of the most appealing features are the "Brit's" built-in smile caused by the round prominent whisker pads. This smile was never displayed better than in Lewis Carroll's Cheshire cat; originally a tabby British Shorthair. The British Shorthair coat is like no other; short, dense, like deep pile carpet. The coat needs minimal care yet has a luxurious feel.

British Shorthairs are very affectionate, quietly following you from room to room until they can settle contentedly by your side. Gifted with lasting patience and confidence, Brits are especially good with children and other types of pets. A moderately active cat, they are not destructive as a breed, adapting well to any size household. British are very easy going and are affectionate to numerous people in the circle they consider family.
Source: Fanciers

Thanks to Myra for the Maxicard from Indonesia! 
Sent: 6 May 2016   Received: 24 May 2016   Travelled: 18 days

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