Sunday, 12 June 2016

Roctoze, Poland

Roztocze (Ukrainian: Розточчя, Roztochia) is a range of hills in east-central Poland and western Ukraine which rises from the Lublin Upland and extends southeastward through Solska Wilderness and across the border into Ukrainian Podolia. Low and rolling, the range is approximately 180 km long and 14 km wide. Its highest peak within Poland is Wielki Dział at 390 meters, while in Ukraine it is Vysokyi Zamok (Lviv High Castle) at 409 m. In Poland Roztocze lies in the Lublin and Podkarpackie voivodships, while the portion in Ukraine extends all the way to the outskirts of Lviv and in 2011 it has become a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Polish portion of the range makes up the Roztocze National Park.
Source: Wikipedia
Thanks to Magda for the beautiful view of  Roctoze.
Sent: 5 May 2016   Received: 23 May 2016   Travelled: 18 days

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